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California Consumer 隐私 Act (CCPA) California Resident Data Subject 请求s

To learn more about your individual rights under the CCPA as a California resident, 请检查十大网赌网址的 隐私政策.

Please select 从 the options below to submit a data subject request:

Data Access 请求 (请求 to Know)

To review your financial transactions, or to request your academic or educational information under FERPA, 请登录 eCampus.

To review information submitted on your FAFSA, 请登录 FAFSA.

If you would prefer to submit your request by phone, you may call our toll-free number at 866-809-3444.


Do Not Sell 请求

Certain disclosures of Personal 信息rmation by us may constitute a “sale” under the CCPA, as explained below and further described in our 隐私政策.

If you would like to opt out of third party advertising cookies and tags on our Sites, you can turn off Targeting cookies in our 偏好中心.

If you are a California resident and a University student, as defined by FERPA, we may dis关闭 certain Personal 信息rmation to third parties in order to receive certain 服务 or benefits 从 them. You may submit an opt-out request for these types of disclosures 在这里. If you are an authorized third party submitting a request on behalf of a California student, 请点击 在这里.

Other Opt-Out Options